A Message from the Founder

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Every parent wants their child to have a normal childhood and to grow up to become a healthy productive member of society. However, bedwetting can interfere with our child rearing plans. Hiding diapers, avoiding sleepovers, and restricting liquids are all unnecessary obstacles to growing up. And none of these end bedwetting!

What if your child didn’t have to wear diapers?

What if YOU could say yes to sleepovers?

Can you imagine LETTING your child drink as much as they want before bed?

These are the experiences of every kid who goes through DryKid Training.

When I was a kid our family lived our lives around bedwetting, waiting for my brother to “outgrow it.” This is the most common bad advice about bedwetting ever told because you may have heard that most kids outgrow bedwetting and that is true but the question is, When will they outgrow it? The fact is, the longer you wait for them to get dry on their own, the more likely it is that they won’t (1% of children continue wetting into adulthood).

My brother was 13 when he finally stopped wetting the bed. And by that time it was too late. His self-esteem and self-image were destroyed. He had been hiding bedwetting for so long that he just thought something was wrong with him. He turned to alcohol and drugs to cover up his shame and one night he nearly died. I believe that if only someone had looked into the research about bedwetting and created a way to stop it, my brother’s childhood would have been different. I’m happy to say that he got the help he needed and has been drug and alcohol free for many years.

My brother’s story was the moving force for researching bedwetting. However, when I discovered that there are millions of kids in the United States (and millions more around the world) still wetting the bed after age 5, I realized something is wrong. The research is there but nobody was applying it. That’s when I decided to solve this problem. My own background as a doctor and my training as a teacher helped me know what to look for in the scientific literature and how to put it together into an educational program. It all finally came together in 2008. That’s when I created Dry Kid Academy, a nonprofit educational organization and DryKid.com, the website that makes the DryKid Training available worldwide. Each week, I take time to review the latest scientific articles on bedwetting and relevant childhood conditions from around the world. I keep up on the latest research related to bedwetting because I know that there are a lot of opinions on the internet and I want the best results for my families. For this reason, I invite every parent who has a child that wets the bed at night to ask questions and find out if Dry Kid Training Can Help your child’s bedwetting.

I’m proud of the fact that we have been creating DryKid families as long as we have with a solution can be learned in about an hour and results in about 90 days. Even more, I’m proud that we have never had a dissatisfied family. Our success rate is nearly 100% and our commitment to success is even higher. While no one can legitimately guarantee results, my promise to you is a 100% refund if we accept your case and your child can’t get dry with our training. I want to assure you that there is nothing to lose by enrolling in DryKid Training except a wet bed, excess laundry, and the smell of urine. And there is everything to gain by giving your child the opportunity to wake up in a dry bed for the rest of his life.  


Dr. Richard Parenti,
Founder of Dry Kid Academy, Inc. and DryKid.com