Imagine a life without bedwetting.

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Bedwetting is a terrible experience…at any age, for everyone.

Consider not only the smell, the wetness, and excess laundry, but think of what it does to self-esteem and self-image.

We all want our children to have a normal childhood…

and to grow up to become healthy productive members of society. But bedwetting can interfere with these desires.

Wearing pull-on diapers, not going on sleepovers, and having to keep secrets are all examples of how bedwetting can slowly destroy a normal childhood.

Yet doctors tell parents,

“Don’t worry, he’ll outgrow it.”

When I was a kid, our family lived our lives around my brother’s bedwetting waiting for him to “outgrow it.”  

The fact is, most kids who wet the bed will eventually outgrow it. But no one can predict when it will naturally end.

Therefore, the question isn’t will he outgrow it. The question is, WHEN?

What if there was a way to out-do bedwetting instead of waiting to outgrow it? What if there was a simple process that was easy to learn, quick to complete, and lasted a lifetime? 

Would you want to know about it?

There is. It’s a teaching and training process that can be learned in about an hour. Results are seen in the first week and most kids are dry in about 90 days.

You could invest weeks of your time reading the scientific literature like I did. You could spend hours looking at clinical data. You could even try to figure out which of the opinions on the internet are accurate.

Or you could skip past all of this, save your time, save your money, and directly benefit from what I learned.

I poured through volumes of research, analyzed pages of data and weeded out hundreds of bad ideas. This was no simple feat because even scientific research can be biased toward the people who pay for the results.

I had to do some careful digging to uncover what really works. And I finally found it. For years, I traveled to homes all across the country teaching this process and helping families end bedwetting once and for all. 

I felt horrible for my brother because of his bedwetting.

So, I put my knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to work for the cause of ending bedwetting.

By outdoing bedwetting instead of waiting to outgrow it, a child has an opportunity to get his or her life back. And if it’s done properly, self-esteem and self-image actually increases. Some kids even start doing better in school. Imagine being able to throw away the pull-on diapers, saying yes to sleepover invitations without hesitation, and no keeping secrets from friends and family about bedwetting.

When bedwetting is gone it opens up many opportunities for your child to be a kid again, like all the other kids, to play and laugh and have a fun childhood experience.

You might be wondering, how does it work? The process is educational. There is no medication or any type of pills. It’s taught in your home and carried out by your child. No one outside the family needs to be involved.

Here are some of the successes that I’ve had over the years:

Brian is a 14 year-old teenager in Arkansas whose parents “tried everything” to get him dry including a bedwetting device that Brian threw against the wall and broke after two weeks of no results. With the DryKid program, he was dry for good in 3 months.

Kelly is a 4 year old girl in New Jersey who wore diapers to bed at night and wanted desperately to be dry because her younger brother didn’t have to wear diapers anymore and she was embarrassed. She was dry in just 2 weeks! (results not typical)

Armando is a pediatrician’s son in Virginia who I helped get dry. His dad didn’t want to prescribe him bedwetting medication because of the dangerous side effects.


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