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If your boy or girl wets the bed at night. You’re not alone. 4-5 million kids suffer from bedwetting in the U.S.

When a family has a child with night time bedwetting it not only affects the child it can disrupt the entire family. The wetting itself is bothersome because of the smell, the wet bed, and the extra laundry. But the negative effects on a kid’s self-esteem and self image are the main reason many parents decide not to wait to outgrow it.

These parents understand the potential negative impact that diapers may have on their school-age child.  They want their child to have normal social experiences like going to camp and having sleepovers.  But they also know that the most common strategies of restricting liquids, setting alarms and waking at night are ineffective. They know there is a better way to get a Dry Kid! 

We experienced bedwetting in our family. On the advice of our doctor we waited to outgrow it, living our lives around it. The doctor told the truth. Most kids do outgrow bedwetting by the time they are teenagers and only 1% continue wetting into adulthood. But what about all that time in between? Or worse, what if they are the 1% that wets into adulthood?

How long should a family wait to outgrow it? In our case, the wetting finally stopped at age 13, a freshman in high school and still wetting the bed. Most people would agree, that’s too long.

That’s why I researched the scientific literature. In 2008, after years of study, I finally developed a method of getting dry that was easy to use, started getting results in a week, and led to permanent dryness in about 90 days.

I established it as a nonprofit education organization, Dry Kid Academy at online. Today, we help families all over the United States, (and potentially worldwide). The entire process is done in the privacy of home. No medicines. No doctor visits. No one outside the family even has to be involved.

However, not all families qualify. To find if your child can benefit from Dry Kid Academy answer a few simple questions on the front page of our website.