Why do people think diapers for bedwetting is a good idea?

Let me tell you about 9-year-old Samuel who wet the bed almost every night, and 6-year-old Jacob who was dry from around the time he stopped wearing diapers in the daytime. They were brothers.

Mom and Dad tried almost everything (not all at once, of course) to get Samuel dry, but nothing worked.

They made him use the toilet several times during the day.
They restricted liquids before bed.
They woke him before they went to bed.
They set an alarm clock for him to wake up in the night.
They used a bedwetting alarm.
They even took him to the doctor who said, “Don’t worry. He’ll outgrow it.”

One day, Samuel’s parents thought they had THE solution that would bring them to that elusive day, when Samuel would finally be a Dry Kid. They bought him a package of “big kid” diapers.

Samuel’s parents thought this was the solution. Since Samuel wouldn’t have a wet bed, he would feel better about his bedwetting. They also liked that he would be able to sleep through the night and that there would be no more wet sheets to deal with every morning. In their minds, it was a win-win.

But Mom and Dad failed to consider the questions that would begin to play over and over in Samuel’s mind.
“Why do I have to wear diapers?” (Remember, Jacob doesn’t).
“What if my friends find out?”
“What’s wrong with me?”

These are not thoughts that any parent wants their child to have about themselves. And as much as we try to convince them that, “This is only until you’re dry,” and “No one will know.” We really don’t know how long it will be or who may find out. And as far as, “what’s wrong with me?” The best we may have are stories from our own personal experience with bedwetting. The bottom line is, our words aren’t going to help. Your child just wants to be dry!

So, diapers for bedwetting will absorb the wetness. It will help with the laundry. And your child may get a few hours of extra sleep. But it doesn’t make a Dry Kid.

I recommend NOT waiting to “outgrow it.” Instead, help your child to “out-do” bedwetting. I’m writing these posts to show you how.