How is constipation related to bedwetting?

Most kids who wet the bed are deep sleepers. They just can’t wake up! These are the kids that has been helping since 2008. DryKid Training is almost 100% effective in about 90 days. This is not a guarantee. No one can legitimately guarantee results. But this is the effectiveness rate we’ve been experiencing and we’re proud of it.

Occasionally, we come across a kid who has constipation and this is important. Not only can constipation be related to bedwetting but it can have long term health consequences as well. The relationships to constipation is simply due to the location of the lower bowel and the bladder. The lower part of the large intestine is right behind the bladder. Therefore, if this intestinal tube is full it can press on the bladder and cause unwanted urination. Typically, if this is the cause of bedwetting the child will also experience wetting during the day. This is the reason we ask if your child is dry during the day on our Can DryKid Training Help? questionnaire.

If the pressure on the bladder by a full intestine is causing bedwetting then we advise parents to take steps to remedy the constipation first. Some parents do this by adding fiber to the child’s diet but as a caution, this can make the constipation worse because for fiber to be effective, it must be consumed with large amounts of water (and this is the most common mistake parents make in attempting to treat bedwetting – they restrict liquids – which doesn’t work!).

So, if your child suffers from both constipation and bedwetting with wetting during the day, our advice is to seek the guidance of your child’s doctor who may recommend dietary changes, stool softeners and/or other natural remedies that are effective in restoring normal bowel movements.

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Written and contributed by Dr. Richard Parenti, Founder of and Dry Kid Academy, Inc. (an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families with a child who wets the bed at night).


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