Could a Cure for Bedwetting be found in the Gut?

It’s no secret that bedwetting is a sleep disorder but the research has been unclear as to whether or not it’s inherited. The thought has been that bedwetting (a.k.a. primary nocturnal enuresis) most likely is inherited because it tends to run in families.  Well now comes along new research about the role of prebiotics.

If you haven’t heard the word “probiotics” then you most likely don’t know what “prebiotics” are. Prebiotics occur naturally in some healthy foods like  apples, peas, asparagus and many other fiber-rich foods and provide an environment for probiotics to grow. Probiotics nourish the healthy bacteria in your gut and are the center of a new ideology for curing many diseases from allergies to cancer.

What’s s interesting and relevant to bedwetting is a January 2017 study (1) showing that prebiotics improved R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) sleep in lab animals.

One of the hallmarks of the type of bedwetting that DryKid clients have is deep sleep. Deep sleep is non-R.E.M. sleep and serves the purpose of restoring the body during sleep. R.E.M. sleep restores the mind and is lacking in enuretic children.

It’s been long known that children should eat a well balanced diet. This research provides evidence that not only does eating right help children grow up to be strong and healthy adults but it also normalizes  sleep and may play a role in correcting bedwetting






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