Underdeveloped Bladder? Seriously?

Another excuse for not doing anything about bedwetting has become popular in recent years.

“Your child’s bladder is underdeveloped and that’s why he wets the bed. Just restrict liquids and wait until he outgrows it.”


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The bladder is a muscle and just like any muscle, it needs excercise. If it doesn’t get used it gets smaller and weaker. But you can’t take your child’s bladder to the gym so what do you d0? Start drinking! (not alcohol – water.)

Everybody knows that water is good for you and everybody says you need it to survive. Well, you know how the bladder stores urine? Well, if you restrict liquids it can’t do that. Storing urine is like taking the bladder to the gym. Using it to store urine will stretch the muscular walls of the bladder, thus making is stronger and more able to hold urine, even at night. This is one of the concepts that DryKid Training uses to get most kids dry in about 90 days. It’s just that simple.


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