What is most prevalent inherited disease in humans?

Danish and Dutch researchers report that “Nocturnal enuresis, which means involuntary urination during sleep, [commonly referred to as bedwetting] is experienced by 5%–15% of school children.” These researchers also agree that “bedwetting is harmful for a child’s self-esteem.” But what’s surprising is the admission that bedwetting, “is probably the most prevalent inherited disease in humans.”

Parents commonly ask if bedwetting is inherited and the answer is a definitive, “Maybe.” Scientists have found locations on genes that are associated with bedwetting but have yet been able to put together a complete picture that links these genes directly to bedwetting. Unfortunately, since kids don’t usually die from bedwetting there hasn’t been much interest in studying it. However, with the discovery of genes that may be related to bedwetting, scientists are starting wonder if studying bedwetting in children could lead to cures for diseases in the elderly, who have bedwetting symptoms. So, while bedwetting does “run in families” a genetic cause has yet to be found. But we do know that bedwetting is a sleep disorder and that most families have someone in the family with a sleep disorder (such as sleepwalking, snoring, or even bedwetting).

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